Dementia In Dogs: When To Euthanize? Symptoms, Treatments Explained

A little dog not only brings joy and happiness in life but also responsibility. The onus on the dog owner is so much so that they are bestowed with the choice of dog euthanasia as well. This question of euthanasia in dogs comes up with lethal and persisting diseases and conditions. One such condition is dementia. The syndrome can sometimes put the question of “Dementia in dogs when to euthanize?”, on the search bar of your browser.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Canine cognitive dysfunction is an illness that is popularly known as ‘dementia in dogs’. The disease is mostly seen in old dogs. The brain of an aging dog might not be able to function properly. It may lose its flexibility of action of the brain causing issues like memory loss, sleepwalking, and responding speed of the brain. The disease picks up the pace with time and will become worst at its peak. The worst part is the commonality of the condition, it is found in one in three dogs. The cause of the disease is attributed to the brain cells of aged dogs. With age cells may become prone to dying leading to dementia in dogs. How do you know that your dog has dementia?

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Symptoms

Symptoms may differ from dog to dog depending on the age and stage of the disease it is in. The most commonly found symptoms are listed below. Remember, you understand your dog better than anyone. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact your vet asap.

  • The dog is confused most of the time.
  • The dog faces the issues of anxiety.
  • It is irritated very easily.
  • Forgets the rules that it has been taught.
  • Altering sleep cycle.
  • Is unable to learn any new thing.
  • Has become lazy and has lost appetite.
  • Has forgotten the routes and roads known to it.

Can Dementia in Dogs Be Cured?

The first thing that you ought to note is that the treatment of dementia once diagnosed will be lifelong. There is no going back. There is no full cure for this disease. Having said that we cannot deny the fact that the condition can be suppressed to a level where its existence will become negligible. How can we do this? By proper love, care, and treatment.

The medical treatments have to follow as per the advice of the vet. You can also go for behavioral therapy to improve the memory of your loving dog. You can get devices like orthopedic foam pads to get your dog a more comfortable and promising sleep schedule. Also, if your dog has taken up the symptom of sleepwalking, night lamps in the house will help it in the dark.

Diet is another important factor. Use all the supplements along with the diet of your dog as the vet may prescribe. These little steps can help your little dog in fighting dementia if not cured. Can this syndrome turn into a situation that raises the question of euthanizing your dog?

Euthanizing my dog with Dementia: The Dreaded Choice

Now, comes the question of ‘dementia in dogs when to euthanize?’. The first thing to be noted here is that the disease occurs in aged dogs majorly. These dogs have passed the age of 11. You very well know that the average life of a dog is 13. Hence, we can conclude that the disease cannot be the complete culprit of the mishappening that may occur to the dog. It is for this reason as well that the life expectancy of a dog with dementia, cannot be calculated. There is no absolute way to find the number of years that your dog may live. Dog euthanasia is a question that has no absolute answer. It cannot be right or wrong. It stands in the middle.

The condition can become too hard to handle even with treatments for many dogs. They are confused most of the time. You will find them peeing and pooping around the house. The most dreaded part is that they may forget the people as well. How much soever close your dog is to you, it can forget you one day. The continuous barking that it will be making for no reason can be pointed at you one day. They may even stop responding to your commands and voice and forget the smell as well.

Hence, if you see your dog frightened and lost most of the time, or is it barking most of the time? Is there love in its eyes for you or nothing? Is your loving dog facing anxiety frequently? Does it look at you with the question of who is it? If you find yourself at the cross with these questions, you can decide on the question of euthanasia of your dog with dementia. Do not come to a conclusion without professional help. May God help you!

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