When To Euthanize A Dog With Liver Failure?

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”

Rightly says John Grogan the author of Marley & Me. The lives of these adorable creatures are short and this short life revolves around us. There has developed a bond between man and dog. A bond of true friendship and pure love. It is a nightmare to think of their death. But life is biased and there are times when we need to say goodbye to our loved ones. Sometimes in cases like a disease you need to do this on your own. This article is about ‘when to euthanize a dog with liver failure?’

What Is Canine Liver Failure?

Before getting into the process let us understand what is this disease and what are the ways through it. The liver is an important part of the body for any vertebrae. It not only helps in digestion but also protects you against diseases. The liver is unique as it has the ability to self-healing. It also plays the major role of being the storehouse of the toxic components that enter the body and also metabolize them.

It is because the liver is the storehouse of toxins, it can be damaged because of them.  Chronic toxin exposure can lead to up to 75% liver damage. This makes it inevitable for your dog to perform daily functions.  It may lead you to consider the euthanization of a dog with liver failure.

How Long Can A Dog Live With Liver Failure?

The lifespan of your dog once introduced to liver failure depends on the stage the infection is. If your dog is diagnosed in the early stages, the disease can be controlled with medical support. Proper food supplements, medications, and care can help your dog live up to a few years.

However if the infection has reached the middle of the last stage, then there is no hope. You can use all the medical treatments available. However, the chances of survival are rare. Your dog in the middle of the last stages can survive only from a few weeks to a few months. In the majority of situations, your vet might advise you to euthanize your dog with liver failure.

Can You Help Your Dog Diagnosed With Liver Infection?

Dog Diagnosed With Liver Infection

When caught in the early stages of liver failure you can do a lot to help your dog.  Apart from proper and timely medications, you can helo your dog in a lot of ways. You can provide him with food supplements advised by your vet. These supplements are easily digestible and energy-packed. Seek advice from your vet about everything you should do whether it is about lifestyle, therapy, or diet. Take advice and follow the instructions carefully. You can help a lot to make your dog comfortable.

It is the last stage that is the problem. When in this stage, your dog can hardly fulfill day-to-day activities. All you can do is give proper and timely medications. To lessen the nauseous feeling that they might have. At this stage, you need to consider the euthanization of your dog with liver disease. I am depressed to inform you that there is not much that is in your hands at this stage.

Symptoms of Canine Liver Failure

The symptoms differ across dog species and ages. However, there are a few that are most common. We have listed them below. If you notice any one of the following symptoms rush to the vet immediately:

  • Frequent blood clots.
  • Altering liver sizes.
  • When you find abnormal fluid storage in the abdomen.
  • Neurological.
  • Abdrupt weightloss and minimal apetite.
  • Feeling nauseous followed by vomiting.
  • Abnormal urination and diarrhea.

These are some of the many symptoms of Liver Failure. Consult your vet in case you notice any.

When To Euthanize A Dog With Liver Failure?

signs of liver failure in dogs

Euthanization may sound inhuman but in certain cases, it can be the most humane thing to do. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the euthanization of a dog involves the question of life. Make proper research, take second or even third advice from the vet, and assess the quality of life of your dog. So when does euthanization becomes an option? Let us find out:

  1. Quality of Life: When the ability of your dog to perform basic functions has deteriorated. When your dog cannot even walk around and is in constant pain. Here you have two options, either to let it suffer and die naturally or to euthanize your dog and relieve the pain. if you chose the former, remember that it will take a lot of investment both physical and mental. You have to watch your dog suffer every moment.
  2. Medical Treatments have Exhausted: if all the medical treatments have exhausted and your vet advises you to euthanize your dog if you want to. In this situation as well euthanizing your dog is your personal choice.
  3. You Cannot Afford Medical Treatments: If your dog is in the last stage and the possibility of recovery is nill. You cannot afford further treatments, then euthanizing your dog can be considered.

I know euthanization is a tough situation. Even to think about it clenches my heart. Euthanizing a dog with liver failure is a personal choice and sometimes can be the right thing to do. You need to relieve your dog from pain and suffering. We wish you the best to make the right decision whatever it would be. Much power to you!

Kavita Trivedi

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