How To Euthanize A Dog With Over The Counter Drugs At Home?

Euthanize A Dog With Over The Counter Drugs

A recent email asked us – ‘Is there any way to humanely euthanize a dog at home?’. Dog owners when thinking about dog euthanasia at home must come up with the option of dog medications overdose or over the counter drugs. Dogs have been an integral part of families and to think of euthanizing your beloved dog must have been heartbreaking. However, we are here to help you and therefore, we must answer this email sent to us seeking advice and help. This article will ponder the question- ‘How to euthanize a dog with over the counter drugs?’.

Is It The Right Time To Put Your Dog To Sleep?

Considering that you have already taken the advice of a medical professional on the issue, we will like to add something to it. Euthanizing a dog is a decision that will never seem to be right even after it is done. Having said that, we cannot forget that there can be situations where we need to take this decision. A mental or physical condition of your dog might compel you to do so. Is the quality of life of your dog degrading day by day? Is there no improvement in the condition of your dog and every day is becoming worst than before? In a situation like this, euthanizing a dog can be an end to its suffering.

There are certain points that we add to our advice firmly. If your dog is ready to fight the disease and is responding to the treatments do not snatch the chance of living from it. also, if your financial crisis of not being able to afford the treatments has compelled you to think of euthanization, you can get help. Animal humane societies are always ready to help you. You can even get help from the fund box at the veterinary you go to. If your dog is lucky it might get chosen! If the decision has been made, is there a way to euthanize your dog at home painlessly? Human medications can help you. Are they the right choice to make? Let Us find out.

Why Euthanize Your Dog With Over The Counter Drugs?

Popular human medications like aspirin can put your dog to sleep peacefully at home. with an overdose of these human medications, you can euthanize your dog at home. Many dog owners have found this method helpful. How to euthanize a dog with over the counter drugs? Simply, by giving them an overdose either orally or through injections. This will lower the heart rate of your beloved dog until it doses off to sleep forever. How is this method good?

1) Dog is put to sleep at home: You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable in its last few moments. If euthanized at home either with professional help or by yourself, you let it die in a surrounding that is known to it. It also gives you a chance to bond and takes all the memories you could at your beloved dog’s last moments.

2) Affordable: This method is very cheap and will save all the extra costs that you give to your vet for euthanization. Euthanizing a dog can bring with it a lot of expenses from euthanization to finding a cemetery.

Why Not Euthanize Your Dog With Over The Counter Drugs?

Though this method has been popular amongst dog owners, it may not be the best option for you. There are cons related to it. Be it human medications or dog medications, there are issues while using over the counter drugs for dog euthanization at home.  As a responsible blogger, I feel the duty of getting you acquainted with cons as well:

1) Cruel: This method of euthanizing a dog with over the counter drugs is inhumane in various perspectives. One is the death-like experience the dog has to go through before the death. These drugs take time to come into action. Since they are given orally, they will give your dog unrest and discomfort until it dies. The poor thing might feel pukish the whole time. Hence, this method can be cruel.

2) Professional Help Needed: Even going for this option, you need professional help. You may not know which pill to give and in what quantity. An excessive quantity of these pills may not work on your dog.

3)Illegal: Do you know that this method is prohibited under the law of the United States Of America? Euthanizing a pet can only be carried out by a licensed professional. If you get caught in the act of euthanizing your dog at home, it can create serious problems for you! This reason is valid enough not to go for over the counter drugs for dog euthanization.

The death of a beloved dog under pain and suffering caused by sleeping pills is inhumane. Do not opt for this method of euthanization at home. Please get professional help either at the vet’s clinic or at home. There are various other cheap and convenient methods available for you. Look out for the best, painless, and in a budget option keeping in mind that you need to choose the best method for your dog.

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