When To Euthanize a Cat with Kidney Failure?

Cats when in our family compels us to spend time with them. Their cute actions and furry coat is just a treat to pamper. Every cat lover wants to spend as much as he/she could with cats. Even to imagine with part with a cat might get you depressed. Then to think that it can be you to decide the life and death of your cat is devastating. Kidney failure in cats can make you take this hard decision. At moments like these, you need to decide when to euthanize your cat suffering from kidney failure.

What Is Kidney Failure In Cats?

Kidney Failure In Cats

Just like humans, a cat’s kidney is responsible to filter the fluids in its body. It is responsible for the production of urine and the purification of blood by the removal of waste. In the case of kidney failure, a cat’s kidney will only be 15-25% functioning. This will result in toxin accumulation in the body of your cat. This is because of the inability of the cat’s kidney to remove toxins from the body and blood.

Stages Of Kidney Failure and Its Impact on Cats:

Kidney failure or renal failure in cats comes in four stages. Starting from acute it may become chronic. When the condition is acute, the cat can be treated with medications. In the case of a chronic kidney failure condition, there is no hope of recovery. This is in the later stages of renal failure, stages 3-4. This will slowly make the conditions of your cat from poor to worse. Your cat might go blind or weak enough to not be able to function in daily activities.

Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Cats:

The symptoms differ and depend on various factors. It depends upon the health, species, and age of your cat. However here we list a few of them. If you notice them in your cat its time to take it to the vet:

  • Frequent visits to the litter box.
  • Spending most of their time hiding.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Weakness to the extent that it is not able to walk.
  • Minimal to zero urination.
  • A bad body odor and bad breath.
  • Weight and fur loss.

These were the most common symptoms of kidney failure in cats. We hope that you never have to take the decision of the euthanization of a cat. That is why we advise you to take your furry friend to a vet as soon as you notice even any one of these symptoms.

Medical Treatments In Case Of Kidney Failure and The Question of Euthanization:

Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Cats

A kidney failure in the case is acute can be treated to some extend. With proper medications and eating supplements, your cat might recover. However, failed kidneys have a rare chance of recovering and this hope becomes zero when detected in later stages. Your cat might have to take a lot of fluid intakes and medications.

There are a lot of cases where your cat might not be responding to these medications. You can access this by noticing the actions of your cat. If it continues to hide, is still weak, and has high BP it is not responding to the medications. There are also cases where the cat may not be willing to take the fluid injections. It must be defensive when taken for the same. In these situations, you need to respect the choice of your cat. Do not force it to go through treatments.

When the cat is not responding to treatments and the health is deteriorating with each passing day comes the question of euthanization of a cat.  This question might shake your soul.

When To Euthanize a Cat With Kidney Failure?

Euthanize a Cat With Kidney Failure

The answer to this is simple yet frightening. Only you can decide when to euthanize a cat with kidney failure. You are not alone. We and your vet are with you in the process.

It is when all the medical treatments have exhausted or your cat is not responding that you are left with only two choices. You either chose to let your cat live for how much soever it can or you decide to euthanize your cat. Access the quality of the life of your cat with kidney failure. Is it worth it? Are the constant pain, blindness, and low health worth a life? If the quality of life of your cat with kidney failure better than what mentioned above do consider letting it live. However, if you do not wish to let your cat suffer anymore and put it to sleep peacefully euthanization is your answer.

Consult your vet and talk about all the aspects with time and patience. If the result is euthanization, it would be hard. You must prepare yourself for a lifetime of misery and guilt. However, this would be selfless and will give your cat relief from a miserable life.

Kavita Trivedi
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