Where To Euthanize Your Dog For Free or very Cheap?

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Quotes Roger Caras. This quote pretty much sums up the importance of dogs in our lives. These beautiful creatures make this life full of misery into something that teaches us the definition of pure love and friendship.  However, the life of a dog is a really short one and sometimes it ends abruptly. It can be more humane to put your dog to sleep in a few circumstances. You may not have funds and hence we decided to write you an article answering “Where to euthanize a dog for free?”.

When to Euthanize a Dog?

This heartbreaking concept is a reality. To your surprise, it can be more humane in a lot of cases. I know it is a nightmare to think of death and that too at your own hands. However, euthanization of your dog can put an end to the sufferings of your dear one. It can save it from a long painful crawl towards death. What are these situations that can make the euthanization of a dog necessary? It is to be noted professional supervision and advice of your vet is extremely important before the decision is taken:

  • Chronic illness: In Chronic Illness when the disease is not curable it can cause a lot of pain and misery to your dog. Your vet might give you the option of euthanization which may be an option to put down the miseries of your dog.
  • Old Age: When your dog turns to a certain age it may get various diseases. The quality of life of your dog is deteroited. It may have to suffer a lot in order to stay alive. In this situation too it is more humane to euthanize a dog.
  • Medical treatments have exhausted: When your dog is sick or old and is suffering,.you have tried medications, proper food, care, surgeries, but your dog is not responding to treatments. The vet gives up and you have two options either to let your dog live and suffer or to put it down in peace.

Where to Euthanize a Dog For Free?

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To think of expenses while bidding your dog a final goodbye is the last thing that you need to do. However, this is how life is, unpredictable and biased. There can be testing times where you won’t be able to afford an expensive euthanization. We have shortlisted ways to get you a free euthanization for your dog.

Here are a few of them:

1. Insurance Policy:

You might have had your dog insured. There are policies that have euthanization covered in the insurance manifesto. If you have it covered you can easily claim it and get your dog euthanized for free.

2. Human Societies:

There are a lot of human societies and shelter homes that can help you with a euthanization that is of minimal cost. It might cost around $40-$80 when seeking help from these human societies.  You need to get in contact with the human societies in your area and get to know the cost and post measures for the free euthanization of your dog.

3. Good Samaritan Fund:

Get in contact with the veterinaries in your area. A lot of them have this fund with various names. These funds are to help pet owners in any way that they need. You need to check their criteria for choosing whom to help. If you fit in, you only need to fill out an application. This measure may however take a bit of time to get processed. In emergencies, it is not helpful.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Euthanization?

There are several ways which too can help you to meet the cost of euthanization of your dog.  This will relieve you if you cannot find ways to get free euthanization:

  • Burial at Home: Cremation can be expensive. You need to add the cost of the casket and digging the grave. You might not be able to afford it. Burial at home can be considered in this situation. This will get you a minimal post-procedural cost.
  • Euthanasia At the Clinic: instead of calling the vet at home to euthanize, you may take your dog to the clinic. This is cheaper than calling the vet at home. This will significantly decrease the cost of euthanization of your dog.

Euthanization is a long battle. It starts right from the exhaustion of medical treatments and you are asked to think about it. If you are going through the procedure we will pray for you.

Kavita Trivedi

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