When To Euthanize a Dog With Cushing’s Disease?

Bringing life in your life can be a turning point in your life.  When someone decides to bring a pet, for example, a dog, it requires a lot of investment. Not only of money but an investment of love, friendship, sharing, space, and life. A dog is no less a family member. You always wish the best for someone you love. You pray for them to be happy and healthy. However, there are certain circumstances where things are not in your hands.

One such case can be of disease. In many cases, a dog might suffer from a painful and chronic disease. You may or may not be able to provide it with the treatment it needs. There are some diseases for which we have no cure. One such disease is Cushing’s disease. This disease can strick your dog so hard that it may leave no other option but to either euthanize or see your dog suffer. That brings to light the question, “When to euthanize a dog with Cushing’s disease?”. This article will cover this part and we will try to furnish you with the right information.

What is Cushing’s Disease?

Dog With Cushing’s Disease

A tumor in the adrenal or the pituitary gland results in Cushing’s disease in dogs. Under this situation, the glands might excess the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates stress, sugar levels, etc. When this hormone is produced in excess it causes hormonal imbalance. This will affect the physical and mental health of your dog. If detected in the later stages, Cushing’s disease might compel you to euthanize your dog.

When To Know That Your Dog Has Cushing’s Disease?

The symptoms of Cushing’s disease are multiple and depend on the age and species of your dog. There are some symptoms that are commonly found in dogs with Cushing’s disease. They are:

  1.       A weak Immune system.
  2.       Excessive hair fall.
  3.       Changes in thirst patterns and needs.
  4.       Lost energy for basic activities.
  5.       An abrupt weight gain.
  6.       A swollen abdomen.
  7.       Loss of the fur coat.

These are some common symptoms of Cushing’s disease. Monitor your dog if you sense a problem. As soon as you find even one of the symptoms listed above, rush to your vet. Remember that if not detected early Cushing’s disease can be very painful for your dog. Cushing’s disease might compel you to euthanize your dog.

When To Euthanise A Dog With Cushing’s Disease?

The hardest thing in this world is to see someone you have loved and shared a part of your life with, go. It takes years to mend the void. It can be a never-ending process to learn to live without someone you once lived with. It can be a nightmare to even think of the death of a loved one. But here you might have to take a hard decision. That is to euthanize a dog suffering from Cushing’s disease.

When this disease becomes severe it leaves only two alternatives. Either to euthanize a dog or to see him slowly but painfully moving towards death. Cushing’s disease is not curable. If detected your dog may live at max to three years but in pain.

It is advised to euthanize your dog suffering from Cushing’s disease if its health is not improving. It will be suffering from a pain that is constant. In situations like these, the disease will affect the brain of your dog as well. Hence, it is then that Euthanising a dog suffering from Cushing’s disease is recommended.

What will you choose? To give him love and care a little more while he suffers and dies naturally or to euthanize a dog and relieve it from the pain? The choice is yours. Always remember that this choice has a life at stake. Carefully think about all points before making a decision.

We really hope that medication, love, and care helps your dog suffering from Cushing’s disease. We hope it lives a happy life with treatments on time. Cushing’s disease is a bitter truth. We pray that you do not have to think about when to euthanize a dog suffering from Cushing’s disease. Stay healthy and happy.

Kavita Trivedi

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