When To Euthanize A Dog With Kidney Failure?

This conversation on the Kidney failure of a dog and euthanization is quite a roller coaster. There are many factors involved when comes to the kidney dysfunction of a dog. It is highly recommended to act only on the advice of your vet. This article is only there to get you acquainted with a little about the issue.

Dogs in families are no less than a family member. Their round eyes full of love are always watching you. As if they are telling you that I am here for you forever. They protect you, love you, and cherish you like none another. The idea of euthanizing your dog might break your heart. Not all might have the courage to do so. We all want all the time that we can have with someone we love. Then the question arises what situation can make you euthanize a dog? Can a kidney failure, make you question when to euthanize a dog? This article might help you in answering your doubts. Walk with me through this article. It will be tough to read, but we are with you.

Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In A Dog:

Cause of Kidney Failure in a Dog

Kidney failure is detected in the early stages can be treated. This section will only talk about the last stage, 4 of kidney failure where the death of your dog is near. These symptoms may vary across the species and age of a dog. However, the most common ones are listed below:

  1. Loss of interest. When the kidney has totally failed, your dog suffers from depression. It will lose interest in everything which once excited him.
  2. Your dog might become anemic. Plus will be nauseous and vomiting frequently.
  3. The dog will rapidly lose its muscle mass.
  4. Uneven breathing pattern.
  5. Excessive thirst due to dehydration.

If you notice these symptoms in your dog, it is time to rush to a vet. Your dog definitely needs medical assistance. Do not waste another moment. It is the question of the life of your dog.

How Long Can A Dog Live With Kidney Failure?

Before talking about euthanizing a dog let us first estimate the lifespan of your dog with kidney failure. There are a total of four stages in kidney failure of a dog. The maximum that your dog might live with kidney failure but with proper medical assistance and love is four years. If your dog is diagnosed in the last stage, the life of your dog will be limited to a few weeks or months.

That is why if your dog loses appetite and is constantly in pain, take it to your vet immediately. Its health will start deteriorating, your pamper will no longer give him happiness. If you notice these symptoms it’s time to get them checked. The best way to judge would be to give it the thing that it loves the most or do the activity that it enjoys the most. If it doesn’t respond, he needs treatment.

When To Euthanize A Dog With Kidney Failure?

Now comes the toughest question, euthanization of a dog with kidney failure. I know this is devastating even to read. To think of performing the act will leave tears in your eyes.  Dogs are the cutest and the kindest beings in the world. The ideal of friendship, full of love. To even think of euthanizing a dog is heartbreaking. The after-effects might even change your life forever.

Is it necessary to euthanize a dog with kidney disease? No! It depends on a basket of factors. The prime being the stage of kidney failure your dog is in.  Your dog in an early stage might survive with proper treatment. However, it might become necessary at a point.

This point is when you have tried every medical treatment that you could and now the quota of medical treatments has given up. It is necessary to follow the advice of your vet. If he/she advises that now the euthanization of your dog is necessary then you have no choice.

You may choose to let it die naturally but do remember that it will be a painful death. Your love and care might not be helpful. The pain and suffering that your dog might have to go through will be tough for you and your dog. Many people might find it practical and more humane to euthanize a dog with kidney failure stage 4 to give it a peaceful death. This will relieve it from pain and suffering.

The ball is in your court. You may choose to let it cherish a few more moments with you and its known world but watching it suffer in pain. Or you may choose to euthanize your dog and give it a peaceful sleep. Do not take any decision on your own. Always talk to your vet. He/ She is there to go through the process with you.

Kavita Trivedi
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