When To Euthanize A Dog With Lymphoma?

The word ‘Cancer’ gives chilled thrills itself. Imagine being diagnosed with it. Whether it’s you or anyone in your family, the thought of cancer can be scary. Lymphoma is one such kind of cancer. It affects the dogs. A sick pet is the worst thing that a pet owner can imagine. A pet is the only constant source of happiness and excitement in life. What is worse is being diagnosed with a disease and that too cancer. What will you do if you need to Euthanize a Dog with a Lymphoma kind of disease?

What Is Canine Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is cancer. The worst part is it directly affects the immune system of the body. The lymphocytes are infected in case of Lymphoma. These WBCs are the key to our immune system. This cancer can be asymptomatic. This makes it difficult to detect.

The source of the infection is undetectable. Hence, it is not clear what is the cause of Lymphoma in dogs.

Types Of Lymphoma In Dogs:

There are over 30 types of Lymphoma in dogs. The most common and widespread four are listed below:

  1. Mediastinal: This is when T lymphocytes affect the swelling of the thymus. This kind of Lymphoma is much rarer than the other forms.
  2. Extranodal: It is a situation when cancer targets the dog’s nervous system and key organs like lungs and kidneys.
  3. Multicentric: In this Lymphoma the affected area is the lymph node.
  4. Alimentary: If cancer targets the intestine, it is Alimentary Lymphoma.

Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Dogs:

Symptoms Of Lymphoma In Dogs

As indicated above, this cancer chiefly targets the lymph nodes of the body. As cancer starts to begin, you can expect the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite and weight loss.
  • Frequent fever.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.

When we talk about lymph nodes, let us understand their position in dogs. Lymph nodes are present in various parts of the body of a dog:

  • Armpit area.
  • Knee area.
  • Under the jaw.
  • Chest.
  • Groin.

If you find swelling in any of these areas, do get your dog checked. If not taken care of you will soon be tacking with the question of euthanizing your dog with Lymphoma.

Treatments For Lymphoma:

A dog diagnosed with Lymphoma can be totally cured. However, only 15% of the diagnosed dogs are fully cured. For this to happen, your dog needs to undergo a lot of treatments and surgeries. Frequent chemotherapy is one of them. It can be uncomfortable for your dog to follow the treatment but you do not have any other option.

Next would be the surgeries. As this cancer affects Lymph nodes, the vet may need to remove them all in order to cure the dog. It is when all the lymph is removed via surgery that your dog can be declared cured.

The whole process is tough and your dog loses a lot of health during it. They are nauseous the whole time followed by frequent vomitings. The battle is long and sometimes there is no other option left than euthanization of your dog suffering from Lymphoma.

When To Euthanize Your Dog With Lymphoma?

This question can haunt your days and nights. The decision is tough but is individual. Only the dog owner can decide to let the dog suffer and die naturally or to put it to sleep peacefully. What are the situations when you need to consider euthanization of your dog in case of Lymphoma? Let us understand:

  1. When the medical treatments have exhausted: when you have tried everything you and your vet could. The dog is still not responding to any of the treatments. It is in this situation that the vet may advise you to go for the euthanization of your dog. There is nothing much left to be done. The process is painful and not easy to watch and go through. You can consider putting your dog to sleep peacefully.
  2. When the quality of life of your dog has deteriorated: sometimes the dogs may not want to follow the treatments. You need to understand the choice of your dog. It isn’t responding to the treatments and the life it is living becomes worse day–by–day. In this situation, you can consider euthanization of your dog suffering from Lymphoma.

Lymphoma in dogs majorly ends up in the Euthanization of dogs. It is not easy to make the decision and the post-euthanization effects will haunt you for many days. However, sometimes it is the most humane thing to do. Keep in mind that if your dog wants to fight the disease do support it with all that you can do. If you are confused take a second opinion. May God help you.

Kavita Trivedi

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