When To Euthanize A Dog With Tracheal Collapse?

Agnes Turnbull rightly said “Dog’s lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” A man and a dog have been best friends for ages. A dog only brings joy and excitement to our lives. In a very short lifespan, they dedicate most of it to love you. Dogs are a very big part of the family. To think of a mishappening to a family member shakes your heart. However, circumstances can compel you to deal with testing times. One of them is tracheal collapse and the question of euthanization of a dog suffering from it.

What Is Tracheal Collapse?

stages of tracheal collapse in dogs

This collapse generally occurs in breeds smaller in size. These are Poodles, chihuahua, etc. In this condition, a dog’s windpipe causes the collapse of the bronchi in the mainstream. This process is not reversible. Although there are treatments and surgeries available, not much can be done. It will in a majority of cases end up in euthanization of the dog with tracheal collapse. This generally is a phenomenon of health and age. If the dog is weak or aged, it might not have enough power to keep its windpipes open. This causes the collapse of the bronchi.

The most common cause of tracheal collapse in dogs is the pulling of the leash around the neck. The cartilage ring may get weakened by it or it may be damaged. Thir results in a tracheal collapse in dogs. Other reasons can be weight as well. Obese dogs are highly prone to the disease.

Symptoms of Tracheal Collapse In Dogs:

There are some common signs that indicate a collapsed trachea. If you find any one of them, it is your sign to rush to the vet. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Shortening Of Breath.
  • fetish.
  • Dry Cough.
  • Frequent Fainting.
  • They may turn blue when excited.
  • Cannot exercise anymore.

These are some of the most common Tracheal Collapse symptoms in Dogs.

Tracheal Collapse In Dogs: Diagnosis and Treatment:

Radiography is the best way for Tracheal Diagnosis. Other options include Bronchoscopy and Fluoroscopy as well. These are the best know diagnosis ways present for tracheal Collapse.

There are treatments available for Tracheal Collapse. These methods can be medication-based, surgical or many times include both. In case of severe Tracheal Collapse, the situation is hard to handle. The supplements used during the treatments are hard for a little dog to take in as well. If there is no other option left, your vet might advise you to go for the euthanization of your dog with Tracheal Collapse.

When To Euthanize A Dog With Tracheal Collapse?

 dog died from collapsed trachea

When the case is severe and cannot be treated. It is the most basic time to consider the euthanization of your dog. You have to see your dog suffering and due to shortening of breath your dog can die of suffocation. It is better to put him to sleep peacefully with euthanization.

The bright part is that the lifespan of a dog with Tracheal Collapse is around 2-4 years. But this is only when the situation is not critical and there are medical options left. However, if your dog is not responding to the treatments, and medical treatments have exhausted, then you might consider the euthanization of your dog.

You must definitely do as per the advice of your vet. However, when no other option is left, he may advise you to euthanize your dog with Tracheal Collapse. Euthanization is a completely personal choice of the owner.

You need to consider every detail before making a decision. The First will be to understand the dog. If your dog is trying its best to stay alive, it is your job to help it. On the other hand, if the quality of life is becoming worse day by day and your dog has given up then you can consider euthanization of your dog. I repeat it is a personal choice. Think wisely.

Euthanization can be heartbreaking. It involves the question of life. Do what you feel is right. All the best.

Kavita Trivedi

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