How To Humanely Euthanize A Fish With Baking Soda?

Beloved fish pets are a choice of many. Men seem to bond with fishes and they have become a common pet. If a fish survives with you for days that there comes up an impalpable friendship. However, sick fish is a common phenomenon experienced by aquarium keepers as they do not live long. When you have tried everything in your power to get the health of the fish back on track but it does not work, euthanization comes up as an option. Out of various found ways to put your sick fish to sleep, a humane way is via baking soda. This article will help you with ‘How to euthanize a fish with baking soda?‘. Is it humane to euthanize a fish with baking soda?.

Why do I need to kill my beloved fish?

Euthanizing a fish that you have loved and cared for is heartbreaking. What conditions can put you in the situation of thinking of euthanizing a fish? There are many. A fish tank is not an easy place to live in. With big and small, all sorts of fishes living, you can expect some bullying. A big fish might injure a small one. The injury can be incurable and you can either chose to let it suffer and die naturally or to do it on your own.

Infected, untreated tap water might create issues for the fish. If this water reaches the aquarium, it can disbalance the PH levels of the tank. There can come up times when it becomes hard for the fish to survive. You may think to euthanize the fish.

The fish can also get injured by pests that infect it. The infection can become lethal enough to make it tough for the fish to suffer. In order to save other fishes from the infected ones, you can choose to go for euthanization.

How To Euthanize A Fish With Baking Soda?

how does baking soda kill fish

There are various ways present out there to euthanize your fish humanely. These ways won’t hurt your fish and before you know it will be sleeping peacefully. One such method is to euthanize a fish with baking soda. Why is it more opted for? Because it is budget-friendly, humane, and a fast process. It would put your beloved fish to sleep before it knows. It is one of the humane methods that are easy and quick to carry out.

The first step would be what quantity of what? Remember for every 10th quantity of water you take 3X 10 quantities of soda. For example, if 20 gallons of water then, 20 X 3= 60 tablespoons of baking soda.

The second step would be to wait for the fish to go to sleep. It may take a while. At first, the fish might flatter a lot, this is because it is fighting to breathe. Do not panic if you see your fish moving a lot.

Once the fish turns to its side and the gills stop moving, consider it dead. Your process of euthanizing a fish is completed. You can bury it and give it peace.

How can I verify the death of my fish?

The best method to confirm death would be to watch out for the gills. If the gills of the fish have stopped showing any activity for a few minutes then you can confirm that it is dead. The other thing to notice is that as the fish dies it will turn to its sides. Wait for a few minutes for any activity. If the fish doesn’t show any, you can confirm its death.

Which methods should I not use because of inhumanity?

There are various other methods used to euthanize a fish that are popular. Some of these methods are quite common but people are unaware that these are inhuman ways to euthanize a fish. These methods are practiced by every other fish owner. Note these down and do not practice any of these to euthanize a fish. These include boiling, freezing, flushing, injecting carbon dioxide in the water of the fish, suffocation, etc. These ways are inhumane and should be avoided at all costs.


We sincerely hope that we helped you in any way of euthanizing a fish humanely. Euthanizing a pet is a tough decision to make and the righteousness of which cannot be confirmed. No one can judge if it is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. However, if you have decided to euthanize your fish, this is one humane way.


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