Best, Easy And Humane Ways To Euthanize A Betta Fish!!

A sick fish is not wished for by any aquarium owner. Fish diseases are not easily curable. Fish experiences a great measure of suffering during injuries or diseases. You can try everything in your power from medications to treatments to save the life of the poor fish. However, there comes a time in the life of some pet fish that you cannot do anything to lessen its pain or suffering. At times like these do pet owners think of euthanizing their pet fish? A pet betta fish is cherished by many fish tank owners because of its enticing appearance and small size. If your betta fish gets sick or infected and you have tried everything, euthanizing a fish can be considered. How to euthanize a betta fish? Walk through this article to find out.

Why Do You Need To Kill A Pet Fish?

There can come up various reasons when the fish owners think of humanely putting a fish to sleep. Consider a situation where your poor fish has got a disease or an infection. You as a pet owner have tried everything to get your pet fish back on track of health. Nothing worked. Now you see your fish suffering in pain and is in discomfort. You have two choices, either to let it die naturally or to relieve it from pain and put it to sleep peacefully. The choice is never an easy one to make but you can listen to your heart and make one decision. If you chose to euthanize your fish, there are a few humane ways to carry out the process.

Things To Consider Before Euthanizing Your Betta Fish

Euthanize A Betta Fish

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Betta Fish?

The marine world is unexplored to its very depth. We do not either have much knowledge about the diseases and cures of marine animals including fish. When a fish gets sick or infected, it is quite tough to first notice that something is bothering it, and second, how to cure it? Diagnosis of what has caused the issue and then finding treatment is tough. What we mean to tell you here is that sometimes the issue may be minor and you may jump to the conclusion of euthanization. It involves the question of life, research properly.

Have The Possibilities Of Treatments Exhausted?

While dealing with fish diseases it may be tough to find treatments but then too have you tried every possible thing in your hand?  have you done enough research? The immune system of a fish is slow. Has the fish lost the will to fight or is it just you? There are various ways to help a sick fish. These include trying to clean the fish tank every now and then. The water in the tank is to be lukewarm. Have you been given the antibiotics or antiparasitic? have you really done enough to save a life? Read the points again and analyze your efforts before coming to a conclusion. Google fish diseases, talk to experts and vets, do everything you can!

Humane Ways To Euthanize A Betta Fish

If you have decided to euthanize your betta fish, the next question comes up and how? How to euthanize a betta fish? Where to find ways where it is peaceful and humane? This section will help you through. There are several humane ways to euthanize a betta fish, some of them are listed below:

  • Clove Oil: This is the most popular product used to euthanize small fish like betta. Clove oil is an anesthetic. It will lower the breathing of your little fish until it becomes nill. The process is a simple one and all you need is water, clove oil, an air pump, and a container.
  1. First, take the container and add dechlorinated water to it. enough to engulf your fish.
  2. Next, add 4-5 drops of clove oil to it. Take this mixture and put it in an air pump to mix it well. If you do not have an air pump mix it enough that the oil mixes into the water.
  3. Now put the fish in this container. Wait, until the breathing stops.
  4. In case the fish is still breathing after a lapse of quite some minutes, add some more drops of the oil.
  5. Once the breathing has stopped, you have euthanized your betta fish.
  1. Take an amount of water in a container.
  2. Add thrice the amount of baking soda tablespoons.
  3. Put your fish into this mixture until it stops breathing.
  4. Once the breathing stops, your fish is asleep forever.


These ways answer your question of how to euthanize a betta fish pretty clearly. There are several inhuman ways that should be avoided at all costs. These include suffocating, boiling, freezing, flushing, etc. Do not suffer a fish to death ever. Have respect for life and humanity. The above methods will do the job humanely. Euthanizing a betta fish can be a tough decision but can turn out to be a kind one at times.

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