Dog Cries During Euthanasia: Is Euthanasia Painful for Dogs?

Is it the time when you have decided to say goodbye to your beloved pets? euthanasia of a pet can be heart-wrenching and it may take years to get over the pain. The decision of euthanasia is made out of love for your beloved dog than any other feeling. It is as hard as parting with your child. Nothing can be compensated for the loss that has occurred. If you have taken the brave decision, a question may arise does your dog cries during euthanasia?

Many pet owners have stated that they have seen their poor little dog suffering and confirm that a dog cries during euthanasia. However is this true? This article will answer all the questions concerning if a dog cries during euthanasia. 

Does A Dog Cries During Euthanasia?

Dog Cries During Euthanasia

Euthanasia of a dog is performed under the strict supervision of your vet. We are sure that any questions regarding the process and the pain that your dog may go through must have been well cleared by the vet. However, if you are someone who is in the initial stages of the process, this article will help you. 

The claims that your dog experiences pain during euthanasia are null and void. Yes, you may notice your dog in pain at times but that is for completely different reasons. The first can be the needle that is used to injust the fluids can hurt. another being the pain from the existing disease.

It must also be noted here that, unlike humans, animals do not cry. This is the reason that at times the disease they are suffering from is difficult to detect. Beloved pets go through the pain while with you most of the time and you may never be able to detect it. Then how do you know? to answer the question let me quote Orhan Pamuk the author of My Name Is Red  “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” 

You need to examine the activity and behavioral changes to detect the issue. If your dog is showing some changes in the way it behaves on a regular basis then there can be a problem. For example, it may not be active enough like it used to be or your poor little dog may not be excited about activities it used to be. These reasons can help us to conclude that there is a problem with your beloved dog and it might be in pain.

Hence, to answer if your dog cries during euthanasia? The answer is no. Euthanasia is a simple process where the fluids will slowly slow the heart rate down until it stops working. This process is so easy that the dog will not even notice and will go to sleep peacefully. You can be sure that your dog is final time comfortable.

Should You Be there During Euthanisation?

my dog struggled during euthanasia

When euthanizing a dog is a personal choice of the owner, this is too. You may or may not be with your pet during the process. A lot of dog owners feel the need to be there with their dogs at their last time. On the other hand, there are many who are not emotionally prepared to see their beloved dog being put to sleep. Either of the choices is respectable. All you need to ensure is that the pet is comfortable in its last time and doesn’t feel out of place. 

A suggestion would be that the dog is most comfortable in known surroundings and with the people it knows. A place to which it is acquainted will be the best for the process. Dogs suffering from chronic and painful diseases will find peace with the owner. It may not lessen their suffering from the disease but will surely give them a little comfort.


The answer to the question, does a dog cries during euthanization is, No. The pain is often pre-existing that arises from the disease it is suffering. Alternatively, it can be from the pain of the needle of the injection. 

Euthanisation is a tough process. It is tougher to agree to it.  You must be brave to have decided upon euthanizing your dog. It needs a lot of courage and mental trauma. Both pre and after-preparedness is required. All the best, may God be with you!

Kavita Trivedi

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