When To Euthanize A Cat With Hyperthyroidism?

The thyroid is of two kinds, hyper, and hypo. When you have your thyroid glands secrete too much you face hyperthyroidism. In contrast, when the thyroid glands underwork, you face hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism in cats is very common. Feline hyperthyroidism is fairly common in middle-aged and old cats. The issue is, as hyperthyroidism grows, it may become a cause of secondary problems as well. There might come a point where you find yourself to be at a fix questioning ‘when to euthanize a cat with hyperthyroidism?’.

What Is Hyperthyroidism In Cats?

Hypothyroidism in Cat

It is a volatile increase in secreting the hormones by the thyroid glands that cause hyperthyroidism in cats. The disease is very common in cats. It is particularly found in middle-aged to old cats. The most common reason behind the secretion is a tumor that may occur in the glands. This tumor though non-cancerous can be problematic. Though the reasons behind the condition, can be many, it is mostly because of the age of the cat. Hyperthyroidism in cats may lead to secondary issues which affect different parts of the body. 

There are many signs that may show that your cat is suffering from hyperthyroidism. These include excessive weight loss, hyperinflated appetite, and thirst. The most common sign of hyperthyroidism is hyperactivity. If you observe any of these in your cats, it’s time to consult your vet.

Can Hyperthyroidism In Cats Be Cure?

There is no cure for hyperthyroidism in cats. You can only help the cat balance the hormones with treatment and medications. Treatments include radiotherapy, diet regulations, medications, and surgery. The grade of treatments depends on the severity of the condition that your cat is in.

The catch is if your cat’s thyroid starts to create secondary issues, it can affect different parts of the body. For instance, it may thicken the wall of the heart and so on. You have to get the organs affected treated as well. As stated before, hyperthyroidism in cats has no cure. However, with proper treatments be leveled in control.

When To Say Goodbye To A Cat With Hyperthyroidism?

symptoms of late stage hyperthyroidism in cats

There cannot be a right answer to this question. Be it a yes now or then there is always guilt involved. Sometimes you may find yourself at fix with questions like what if it is too soon? Would he have lived? Sometimes you may want it to die a natural death and let it live when it barely wants to. Then how can you decide the right time to euthanize a cat?

There are a lot of factors involved when you try to find answers to this question. Cat hyperthyroidism is not an easy condition to tackle with. The secondary issues that it brings can deteriorate the life of your beloved cat. The quality of life may be broken into pieces. However, sometimes there is a chance that the phase that your cat is going through might be fought back. Now if you decide to euthanize then that would be inhumane.

Be it any situation euthanizing a cat or not can be stated as a clear choice. It can also not be fully correct or wrong. Then how to decide when to euthanize a cat with hyperthyroidism? The answer is to understand the wishes of your poor thing. You also need to judge the life it is living. Is it livable? An email asked us about the same. What we learned from the mail was that the cat was barely eating anything and was nauseous most of the time. It has stopped coming out and mostly stayed hidden. They tried every treatment but nothing worked. The cat also was irritated by the treatments. In this case, seeing the cat suffer they had decided to euthanize the cat. However, were going through the after-effects of the decision. This is not uncommon. When you take away the chance of living and fighting back, after-effects will follow. Having said that, we cannot deny that at times euthanization may be the kindest thing to do. Just like the case explained above. Leave us your experiences and let us know if we could be of any of your help.

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